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Storage Or Moving - We Make It Easy!

When you need a fast, low cost way to store your valuables, Storage on Wheels can help!

Our heavy gauge steel storage "pods" can be on your site today, or you can load it and we store it!


Residential Storage Solutions
Need a temporary place to store some things? Remodeling your home? Cleaning up and need a place to store the furniture? Storage on Wheels makes it easy! Our rugged steel, fully portable, secure storage pod containers let you to load and store on your site. Your storage container can also be moved to a new location, or picked up and stored in our storage yard.

Contractor Storage Solutions
Builders and contractors who require temporary, secure on-site storage use our containers for tool storage sheds or for equipment storage. If you are looking for a safe place to keep your tools and equipment look no further.

Our storage units are made of high strength heavy gauge steel with a four lock system making burglary almost impossible. Unlike trailers, our storage units cannot be towed away.

Moving to a new job site? We pick up your storage unit (full or empty) and move it to your next job site or move to our storage yard until your next job.

Moving Solutions
Our portable storage containers are a great option for the do-it-yourself mover. Whether moving to a new apartment, moving to a new home, or just moving furniture or other items, Storage on Wheels give the self-mover flexibility and great value. We will deliver a storage container to your location you can pack at your leisure. When you are ready, we will move it to your new location. Restrictions apply. Call or e-mail for more information today!

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